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Clock-in and Out
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Geo Tracking and Fencing
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In Compliance
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Be in compliance with the department of labor by allowing your employees to approve their own ours...

Remote Write-Up
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Who Are We?

Like all great invention, HRPower rose from a clear necessity among our friends. Our founders began a marketing agency in late 2010 that led to working with multiple businesses in a broad spectrum of industries. Not surprisingly, it did not take long to find common business pains.

Our main priority is to help fellow business partners accomplish a collective goal, and that is streamlining HR management systems.

The Beauty

The beauty of HRPower lies in the fact that it has taken all of the headaches and hassles out of the HR process. The team responsible for HRPower has taken their vast knowledge gained through years of personal HR experience and channeled their energy into developing a product that will not only prevent current and future HR managers from facing unnecessary challenges, but will also increase productivity, reduce overhead costs, and ensure compliance with all labor regulations.


Its power lies in its simplicity. With full portability to any device, from iOS to android, mobile phone to desktop, HRPower is accessible and fully functional on any internet-connected device. It is downloadable from iTunes and Google Play, which makes it accessible to everyone who carries a smartphone and eliminates the need for special hardware or devices. With extensive compatibility across all platforms, the transition from dated methods of HR management to the advanced HR Power system is a smooth and painless one.

Streaming HR

From applications, to hiring, to ongoing management, HRPower arms any HR staff with an efficient solution to scale its departmental needs. HRPower is here to help managers work faster and more efficiently than ever before with 100% payroll integration and full compatibility with nearly every existing HR system.

  • HRPower reduces overhead
  • Saves on labor costs
  • Improves departmental efficiency

Our Goal

The goal of HRPower is to save time, money, improve accuracy, and remove the guesswork and hassles of total Department of Labor compliance. By effectively monitoring employees during every working hour, HRPower has shown to significantly improve employee efficiency, payroll efficiency, and the entire HR process, from new hire to termination. Our average client sees a 20% increase in total HR efficiency within the first 60 days of system implementation. A streamlined and efficient HR department is vital for any organization.

Stay Compliant

We’ve worked with countless businesses who are currently facing fines and penalties due to Department of Labor noncompliance. If your company is facing large fines or issues with the Department of Labor (whether currently or in the past), reach out so we can craft a solution to prevent you from finding yourself in the same situation again. HRPower will get you compliant and keep you compliant, allowing you to focus on your business, and not on the Department of Labor or costly fines and penalties.

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