In order to comprehend the value that business process design brings to a company, it is first necessary to understand what business process design actually is. With any company, whether the company is producing a product or providing a service, there are necessary actions that take place and tools/equipment that are needed to carry out the intended actions.

A business process looks at the end goal (either a product or service), and it determines the necessary workflow that must occur, what equipment or tools will be needed, and the amount of time that should be allocated for the process. Essentially, a business process illustrates that a company comprehends and dictates the different activities that the business needs in order to function.

The design aspects signal the fact that organization members are concerned with figuring out how to optimize these processes so that they are carried out in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. This involves considering what problems exist and removing extraneous steps that slow the delivery of producing the desired product/service.

When implemented, business process design can save companies significant amounts of money by optimizing procedures and increasing the smooth transition of a workflow.

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The concept of marketing has been around for decades as an effective means of spreading the word about new and existing products/services. Traditional methods of marketing include radio/television broadcasts or placing advertisements in the local newspaper.

However, with the advancement in technology, traditional methods of marketing strategies are no longer effective. Instead of watching television commercials, most viewers have some sort of device that allows them to prerecord programs so they can skip any commercial advertisement they might otherwise be exposed to. Instead of reading newspapers, many people now look for societal updates on their laptops.

With all of the aspects of the media becoming more technologically advanced, marketers are now forced to focus most of their energy on the digital aspects of this industry.

Digital marketing refers to any means of advertising through electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets . . . even gaming consoles, and can be seen through a broad spectrum of platforms including emails, software applications, and social media sites.

When implemented and executed effectively, digital marketing has the ability to significantly increase sales and expand product and/or brand awareness.

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