Take control over your employees clock-ins and outs, and have a customized report programmed exclusively for your company depending on your pay period and weekending

From applications to hiring, to ongoing management, HRPower arms any HR staff with an efficient solution to scale its departmental needs. power is here to help managers work faster and more efficiently than ever before with 100% payroll integration and full compatibility with nearly every existing HR system.

Streamlining a business’s operations is one of the most important tasks when implementing a strategy to increase productivity while decreasing expense. By applying Operations management, we will design, and control the process of production and redesign business operations in the production of goods or services.

Thanks to an a la carte pricing model, HRPower’s custom solutions allow you to customize your experience and solutions to fit your unique business needs. Our different implementation models allow businesses to select features that their specific HR department needs and will utilize, which makes the HRPower experience an optimal one. With this system, businesses only pay for what they need and have the option to customize their HRPower experience to fit their unique companies, allowing room to upgrade at any time, and even rollout the product in phases should business needs dictate.

We’re committed to being a business partner that will help your business run more smoothly, more profitably, and with the peace of mind of 100% compliance to any and all HR regulations.

HR Power will allow you to monitor your employees at all the times where they are located or simply creating an invisible fence from where they clock in, the system will be able to send you messages if the person left their work area.

Its power lies in its simplicity. With full portability to any device, from iOS to android, mobile phone to desktop, HRPower is accessible and fully functional on any internet-connected device. It is downloadable from iTunes and Google Play, which makes it accessible to everyone who carries a smartphone and eliminates the need for special hardware or devices. With extensive compatibility across all platforms, the transition from dated methods of HR management to the advanced HRPower system is a smooth and painless one. Our clients can take comfort knowing that this application will simplify and make the HR aspects of a business more accurate while allowing employees to bring their own device, thereby saving on traditional clock-in/clock-out hardware and terminals.

Be in compliance with the department of labor by allowing your employees to approve their own ours electronically.

Whether you have 5 employees or 500,000, maintaining full compliance with all local, state, and federal labor laws is critical as your business grows. HRPower was developed with all the needs of HR managers and business owners in mind to provide a turnkey HR solution to keep the Department of Labor satiated with accurate and thorough employee records. From managing punctuality to keeping employee records, HRPower stores every transaction, interaction, and notification in a fully cloud-based system, removing the human error from compliance and automating the time management of large workforces.


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